HDA held their annual golf outing at the Tor Hill Golf Course (east and west links) (https://www.lakelandgolfmanagement.com/our-golf-courses/tor-hill).

The office was divided into three teams, asked to dress up, and competed in a Texas Scramble style tournament for office bragging rights. This year's theme was "The Amazing HDA Golf Tournament". Each team was given a box full of items and a stack of 18 envelopes. At the beginning of each hole, a numbered envelope was opened which contained a rule/stipulation that needed to be completed. Examples of such rules/stipulations included: putting with a mini hockey stick, wearing oven mitts to make fairway shots, and the soon to be seen on the PGA Tour flamingo-style tee-off stance (golfers needed to stand on one leg). The day provided lots of laughs, team comradary, and embarrassing photos and videos to help us remeber the day.

The day was concluded with drinks, supper, and door prizes in the clubhouse.